Ashland's Level Up
DOB : 12/23/2019     Height: 17 inches   Bite:  Full Detention/Scissors    
OFA Hips: Too Young    Eye Cerf:  Normal     MDR1: N/N      CMR1: N/N
CEA:  N/N     Cone Degeneration: N/N     HSF4:  N/N     PRCD - PRA:  N/N
DM:  N/N      DCM:    N/N     CDDY:  N/N      NAD: N/N
Gamer is a picture of beauty and that of structural greatness, truly one of my most favorite dogs ever in that regard.  She has lovely clean movement, nice reach, and a beautiful side gait.  Gamer also does not disappoint anyone in regards to her stellar stand up temperament that is happy and willing to adapt to any situation or new person.  This girl is always ready to start a new game.  
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