Your puppy has already been enjoying all of these products on a daily basis.  The Healthy Start Pack Is a Sample of Everything that we use.

Each item in their Healthy Start Pack is specially formulated to work in symphony with one another to help ensure your puppy's optimal health and wellness.

8 lbs
12 oz
8 oz
4 oz
9 oz
4 oz
6 - 6 "
Why do we feed our puppies an All Life's Stages Food?

We always send our beautiful healthy puppies to their new families and strongly encourage a quick trip for them to meet their new veterinarian as soon as possible for another well puppy check in.  What we really want is for you to know that your new puppy is indeed every bit as awesome, wonderful, and healthy as we have said he or she was.  But often times the new veterinarian may express a concern as to why the puppy is not on a puppy formula or they may even request that you switch to a brand that he or she sells in their office...  We have determined that through our own trial and error of raising healthy puppies with healthy joints that this is NOT to be left for mere chance and too many puppy formulas have far too high a formulation of calcium and phosphorus for our puppy's growing and developing joints.  So please be aware of this problem.

The formula we have carefully selected was created by a holistic veterinarian and has laid a firm foundation for your puppy's health that we hope to see continue with you, their new family.  If you ever have any nutritional needs for your animals or questions please feel free to ask us, or a canine nutritionist.

Why we feel raw feeding is not a good idea, and how it can be troublesome to the humans involved...

Raw feeding seems to be the new popular trend and one can't loosely deny that it seems to make perfect sense.  But did you know that the digestive tracts and stomachs of our canine friends today have evolved incredibly from what they once were.....  Science is now proving that our dogs stomachs have evolved from what they once were, so if you are interested in learning more please read this article about this fascinating topic.

If you'd like to read more and see a study done by the FDA on raw feeding our pets please click here.

Has your pet food ever had a dangerous recall?
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