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We are often asked about different transportation options for your new best friend.   So I made this page to outline some key points of what that may look like at the moment.   Right now we are currently offering 2 different options for our new families to choose from.

            We offer solo flights for your pup to travel with American Airlines Pet First Air Travel.  The puppies fly in an             approved pet carrier to one of your choice international airports.  As soon as your puppy is of age we work             together on a good date for your puppy to depart on their newest adventure.  I handle all of the booking and                         flight details for you.   The cost of the flight, signed veterinary documents, and the crate is currently 600.00. 

            We are currently offering in person flight services to all of our new puppy families.   Which means that a member             of our family will personally accompany your pup during air travel to your choice airport while meeting you             there to pick up your pup.    The cost for this option is significantly more as there is much more involved.             Usually it will involve many general travel expenses that might include but are not limited to;  round trip             airfare, airport parking, airport pet fees, signed veterinary documents required for air travel, etc....  The cost             of this option will start at approximately 1600.00.

            If you would like for us to meet you at our local airport to pick up your puppy there is a fee of 150.00 for the             required documents for puppy air travel, & potential airport parking fees.